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What is Chat Commerce?

Chat Commerce is a completely pay-per-performance service
that is designed to assist end users’ buying behaviour through customer service with our Chat Bot.

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    24-hour service

    Round-the-clock automated customer service prevents miscommunication by phone or e-mail.

  • Rich communication

    Conversations with our Chat Bot not only highlight the advantages of your product or service but dissolve end users’ uncertainties and kindly assist them with shopping or signing up for services.

  • Long-term customer relationship

    Automated delivery optimised for end users’ attribution contributes to building satisfactory long-term customer relationships.

Working with automobile dealers

The booking process for vehicle inspections - which typically includes loads of offline work including phone calling and mailing -has now been automated by Chat Commerce. It automates notifications about vehicle inspections and relieves stress on both car owners and automobile dealers.

Man-labour reduced by


Working with a men’s cosmetic brand

We saw immediate results from the first month after introduction. Numbers of end users significantly and speedily increased.

CPA improved by


Working with a hot yoga studio

We automated communication for trial applications and achieved high sign-up rates.

Significant increase in sign-up rates.

Why Zeals?

  • The Pay-per-performance service

    You don’t need to worry about investing in Chat Bot production expenses or running costs - there’s no risk for you to start with us. We don’t charge until we perform.

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  • Easy start

    Install the new system in only a few steps and get started instantly.


  • Support

    Not familiar with IT? We will support you throughout and solve your problems together.

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Secured security

We are the only PCI DSS certified Chat Commerce provider in Japan. Our service is based on a trusted security standard.
PCI DSS certified
ISMS certified
P Mark certified

Chat Commerce “Zeals” has been installed
in a wide range of businesses.

  • Used by +400 enterprises.

  • Analysis of data from
    450 million conversations

  • 98.9% of clients continue
    utilising the service